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Steady growth with attention to capital protection

Strategy: Global Macro Multi Asset
Style: Discretionary

Risk level / SRRI: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7


Suggested minimum investment horizon: Any


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Objectives and strategies of the fund

 Alessia Absolute Return Macro    is an absolute return fund with low volatility. Managers allocate  the capital available through a discretionary process based on macro-economic research aimed at the existing imbalances in the prices of shares, government bonds, corporate debt securities or financial, in exchange rates and related derivatives. Investment in equity indexes is preferred to investing in individual stocks. Derivatives, traded on regulated exchanges, are used both for hedging purposes and for obtaining greater returns through the establishment of long and short positions in different financial assets.  The investment is appropriate for those seeking protection from excessive market volatility and a stable long-term appreciation of their capital. Managers take care of both the overall risk that the specific risks of the investments made. However, there is no guarantee that investors will recover the capital invested.

Manager Comment

16.3.21 - With the possible exit from the pandemic by the USA expected for the summer and with the pull offered by the US demand to the export of the rest of the world, the expectations for the stock indices are rosy, especially for the USA ones. The only obstacle may be a further increase in interest rates and inflation data that can push the Fed to accelerate the exit from the current monetary measures. In this context, the Euro, despite the expected increase in the US Trade Deficit, is in a danger zone. The European growth rates for 2020, 2021 and 2022 are well below those of the US and unless an acceleration on the Recovery Plan followed by a Growth plan the gap will remain as the gap on nominal interest rates will grow.

Date NAV ∆NAV d-1 Ytd 1m 3m 1y Since inception (annualized)
26/01/2023 124.75 -0.07% 0.48% -0.06% 0.53% -2.78% 1.50%

Synthetic representation at 30/12/2022
1 month 3 months 1 year 3 years 5 years
-0.78% 0.12% -3.10% 1.51% -1.39%
Annualised performance
3 years 5 years
0.50% -0.28%

ISIN CodeLU0352949456
Bloomberg CodeALSMACD LX
Date first NAV31/03/2008
NAV frequencyDaily
Income distributionAccumulation
ISIN Listed ClassLU1238726654
Maximum subscription fees payable to distributorsMax 4%
Management fees1.50%
Redemption fees0
Performance fees20% absolute with HWM
Distributor Service Fee0%
Risk indicators
Date 1 year volatility 3 years volatility
26-01-2023 3.19% 3.54%
Legal Information

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Tax treatment depends on the situation of each individual. The risks, the costs and the recommended duration of the investment for each UCI presented are described in the Key Investor Information Document (KIID, Key Investor Information Document) and in the prospectus available on this website. The KIID must be delivered to the subscriber prior to subscription.

The data are the result of internal elaboration Alessia unless otherwise indicated.

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